Domestic Shipping across Canada:

We ship from Fenwick, Ontario by either UPS or Canada Post Standard. Shipment time varies from
1-7 business days, depending on your proximity to our location.

A flat shipping rate of $19.95 is charged per order for Standard shipping within Canada.  If you would like express shipping, there may be an additional charge, please contact us for rates at 905-892-7433.

Snuggy Hoods Canada aim to dispatch stock items within 3 business days (Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays) after the order was placed, subject to product availability. Items on backorder will be processed as quickly as possible but can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on delivery dates from the UK.


As Snuggy Hoods Canada is just starting out, we have limited items in stock.  We will work to fulfill backorders as quickly as possible.  Waiting time will depend on stock in the UK as well as when we are due for another shipment.  As demand grows for Snuggy Hoods here in Canada, we will be able to stock more items. Please contact us with any questions or get an estimate of when the items will be available at snuggyhoodscanada@gmail.com or 905-892-7433.


Unspoiled goods may be exchanged or refunded if returned within 14 days of ordering along with proof of purchase. To be accepted for refund/exchange goods must be in new condition with all original packaging.  Soiled goods will not be considered for exchange or refund.  Contact Snuggy Hoods Canada to make arrangements to return goods by e-mail: snuggyhoodscanada@gmail.com or phone: 905-892-7433.

Fitting and washing instructions:

1. Before putting on the hood or rug make sure that the horse/pony is clean and scurf free. (Preferably after a bath)

2. Put on the hood, pulling over the nose, up over the ears, down the neck and fastening with the surcingle behind the elbow, around the girth. (Remember to loop the surcingle through the elastic strap on the chest) The surcingle should be tight! (to anchor the hood in place prevent hood sliding forward) When the horse puts it head down the hood should not come over the wither. The hood MUST sit directly behind the foreleg – do not feel tempted to pull back around the barrel.

3. If you have a zip, bunch up the hood, pass the entire hood over the head and fit into place before doing up the zip.

4. Pass the rug over the head, put in place making sure that it covers the entire body. Pass belly strap between the front legs and Velcro behind the elbow and in front of the stifle, ensuring that the belly is completely covered.

5. The tail guard can then be fitted around the tail.

6. Make sure that the horse/pony is comfortable before turning out. Once comfortable, there is no need to remove the hood/rug except for when using horse or washing. Some customers even ride in them!

7. We do recommend that Snuggy Hoods and Rugs be washed in the washing machine regularly (at least twice a month) so as to prevent the build up of grease and grime. Do check the mane saver and tail guard for grease regularly. Remember to do up the Velcro before washing!!

8. After washing, the hood/rug can be put back on the horse/pony damp. It will dry a lot quicker and will prolong the fabric life.

How should I wash my rugs and hoods?

Our hoods and rugs MUST be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees, but please do not tumble dry. Remember to fasten any Velcro before washing! Standard fabric detergent and softener are recommended.

Will the hairs clog my machine?

If you are concerned about this you can purchase the Snuggy Laundry Bag. This has been designed to allow you to wash the items you would not normally put inside your machine for fear of hair, mud and grit clogging up the filter. It has an added benefit of cushioning small buckles and clips thus protecting the drum from additional wear and tear.

Can I turn my horse out in his hood?

Our Turn Out Hoods are designed for use outdoors being hard wearing whilst breathable, heavy shower proof and 100% mud proof. This is assuming the Hood is the right size and fitted correctly.

Are your hoods waterproof?

Our Turn Out Hood, Headless Hood, Fly Mask, Spik and Span Rug and Bug Body Rug are all heavy shower proof. The fabric is coated with a water repellent element when made. The horse can stand out in a rain shower and should come in with only a few damp spots.

How comfortable are they for the horse?

Fitting like a second skin we have designed the product to be as comfortable for the horse using soft breathable fabric and lining the mane and shoulder with silky fabric to prevent any chaffing and rubbing.

Will my horse get hot in warmer weather?

Bug Body Rugs and Fly Masks are made from a lightweight, fully breathable fabric so are suitable for use in all climates keeping your horse cool and comfortable. If your horse is not used to wearing ‘clothes’ in the hotter months you may find it takes a short while for them to adapt to being covered up. Leave the Hood/Rug/Body on to allow the horse time to adjust. You may find he sheds an extra layer of summer coat to compensate leaving a beautiful shiny summer coat!

Why are they so expensive compared to others I’ve seen advertised in catalogs?

Snuggy Hoods are not the same as other material hoods on the market. They have been designed by a family-run business for 25 years and through a course of trial and error they have come up with a hood that is suitable for turnout. They are made from a substantial fabric that is heavy shower proof so the horse can be turned out in the heaviest of rain. They have built in mane and shoulder savers to ensure there is no rubbing, they are self-fixing which means that no rug attachments are needed.

What material is the Bug Body made of and how does it work?

Made of a similar fabric as the Turn Out Hood. Similar to jodhpur fabric it is lightweight yet hard-wearing enough to prevent flies and horse flies biting, and the horse from damaging itself from rubbing. Being a “body”, it is designed to cover as much of the horse as possible without affecting natural movement, with built in neck with mane saver, belly band, tail guard and tail flap. These are the most commonly bitten areas.